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V-Leather is a coating for leather, based on nanoparticles derived from silicon, which has high resistance and hydrophobic strength. V-leather makes a very flexible concealed film that protects the leather for up to 1 year, which also protects it from UV rays. In addition, it prevents the spread of fungus and bacteria, improves friction resistance, removes conventional liquids and dirt. Helps prevent stains caused by conventional liquids and dirt.

Leather Coating softens the skin, does not change the original color and allows the material to breathe. 1-year protection in leather or synthetic leather seats. The product can be applied to both natural and synthetic leather. The estimated car delivery time after the application is at least 6 hours. The second hand of V-Leather can be applied after 30 minutes. The total duration of treatment is about 72 hours.


  • Easy application.
  • Hydrophobic product
  • Avoid liquids and dirt.
  • Reduces the spread of fungi and bacteria.
  • Do not stain or react with natural or synthetic leather.
  • High durability, protection of leather originality and hydration.
  • Comes with a foam applicator with a dead ephedra base.
  • Increase the working life of the part.

How to use:

  • Carry out complete cleaning with Hygienic. Then use moist microfiber to ensure that the leather is 100% clean.
  • Allow the leather to dry naturally or, if you prefer, use a dry microfiber to speed up the process, as moisture can hinder the product's anchoring.
  • Place a few drops of V-Leather in the foam applicator contained in the packaging and apply to the leather, in an area no larger than 50cm x 50cm.
  • Spread evenly, observing the finish very carefully, in order to avoid stains.

Note: For a matte appearance, finish using a 100% dry microfiber towel. For a satin finish, it is unnecessary to use dry microfiber.