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Vonixx Blend Carnauba Black Wax was made for those who want shine and resistance in the same product. Its unique formula on the market guarantees extraordinary results after the first application, which is also super easy to apply. Recommended for all types of paint. Carnauba wax is known for the warm shine it gives to the painting. With the evolution of the market, there is a growing trend towards silica-based products, mainly due to the resistance promoted.

We at Vonixx, concerned with producing a product that would provide the shine of carnauba wax and the resistance of silica-based products, combined the two raw materials in the same formulation to create a super product and, after months of research and hundreds of tests, we managed to reach a spectacular result. resistance and ease of achieving extraordinary results with protection for up to 7 months make Blend Carnauba Silica Spray Wax something unique in the market.


  • Contains SiO2
  • Warm glow to paint
  • Super Protection
  • Easy application
  • The durability of up to 4 months

How to use:

  • Shake the product well before using it.
  • After washing the vehicle, spray small amounts of the product on the paintwork, keeping a distance of 20cm in an area no greater than 60cm x 60cm.
  • Without letting the product dry on the paint, remove the excess with a clean, dry microfiber towel.
  • Continue the process until the vehicle is fully completed. In case of stains, apply the product again.